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Podcast: Quick & Easy Healthy Meals At Home

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Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, Francesca Pucher, is theauthor of Fit Cuisine, a cookbook designed to help busy families prepare nutritious and delicious meals in a time efficient manner.

In this podcast, Francesca discusses easy and quick recipes that will help the busy mom or dad stop stressing out about what to make for dinner!

Quick & Easy Healthy Meals At Home

  • What is the number one lie people tell themselves when they choose to not make a healthy dinner at home?
  • How can you begin to change your perception about the time it takes to cook at home?
  • What is your favorite recipe staple that can be made ahead of time for easy weekday meals?
  • What should you always have on hand in your pantry for simple dinners you can throw together in no time?
  • How do you get your family on board with a healthier menu? 

To learn more about Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, Francesca Pucher, author of Fit Cuisine, please visit her site FrancescaPucher.com.

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