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Podcast: Master The Art Of Dating

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Relationship expert, Jacqueline Nichols, is a Professional Matchmaker and creator of Intuitive Matchmaking Agency.

Jacqueline discusses how to master the art of dating so you can find your perfect match. Is it true that opposites attract?

What if someone you are interested in has just had his or her heart broken, how do you ride it out and make it work with you?

Find out all this and lots more!

Master the art of dating.

  • Why is dating considered an art? Don’t you just go out?
  • What are some the first ways people get started dating?
  • But what if you are too nervous to date? You keep thinking nobody will like you?
  • If you’re heart has been broken, can you believe in love again?
  • What do you mean by giving someone the chance to tell a new story with you?

To contact Jacqueline Nichols and Intuitive Matchmaking, please visit IntuitiveMatchmaking.com, where you can also learn more about her upcoming summer webinar in the Find Love series that is designed to support singles mastering the art of dating and move them toward mastering the art of being in a relationship.

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