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Podcast: How To Use Creativity To Turn Your Life Around

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Michael Douglas Bandy (also known as Hollywood) is the author of the ebook Storytellers, who has an incredible story of redemption to share.

In this podcast, Michael discusses how creativity can be used to turn your life around, just like he did.

How To Use Creativity To Turn Your Life Around

  • How did you go from prisoner to published author?
  • What type of escape can creativity offer?
  • If you don’t think you can write, but would like to, how do you start?
  • How does writing and telling stories inspire others?
  • What advice would you give to someone who feels hopeless?

You can find Hollywood’s books ‘FROM SCRATCH’ (a hitmans life and legacy) and ‘TWISTED’ (the impossible enemy, is the one you can’t even see) on sale at Amazon.com as well as his e-book ‘STORYTELLER’S (a short-story collaboration to shock & awe).

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