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Podcast: Debunking Hypnosis Myths

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Colin Chapman is a board certified clinical hypnotherapist and certified neuro linguistic programming practitioner with his own practice in Richmond VA, The Joy of Hypnosis.

In this podcast, Colin discusses how hypnosis works to make positive changes including re-igniting the spark in your life, quitting smoking, dealing with fear, reducing stress and stopping the endless cycle of overeating.

Debunking Hypnosis Myths

  • How can hypnosis help people overcome fears or change behaviors like smoking, overeating, etc?
  • Why don’t more people use hypnosis? Are they afraid?
  • What happens when you are in a state of hypnosis?
  • Is hypnosis real? Can we hypnotize ourselves?
  •  What are some myths regarding hypnosis and what are the realities?

To learn more about Colin Chapman, author of the upcoming new book, Hypnosis is Amazing, and his services, visit his site JoyOfHypnosis.com

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