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Podcast: The Latest From Google

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Digital Marketing Strategist & Business Development Manager at the Lucid Agency, Molly Scott, will be discussing the Hummingbird update, Google engineer’s most recent algorithm, and the steps you can take to ensure continued health and rank of your website in the Search Engine.

The Latest From Google

  • Why do search engines utilize algorithms and what do they do?
  • What is the Hummingbird algorithm?
  • Why did Google see a need for another algorithm?
  • Are there steps marketers should take to ensure the health and rank of their websites?
  • Do you recommend any online resources for SEO info?

For more information about the Lucid Agency, their interactive marketing capabilities, and case studies, visit LucidAgency.com. All listeners are invited to contact Molly with additional questions about search engine marketing and Google’s Hummingbird algorithm. If you’re interested in contacting Molly, email molly@lucidagency.com

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