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6 Reasons I Don’t Miss Dating

A little over a year ago I took a self-imposed exile from dating.

After years of binging on men, flirting, and relationships, I finally had an emotional hangover that just wouldn’t go away. At first I thought I would implode from loneliness or an unchecked libido, but after the first few months I grew to enjoy being on the connubial wagon. Now that my year-long commitment to not being committed is over, I am as surprised as anyone that I’m in no rush to hop back on the manmade merry-go-round. Why, you may ask?

Here are 6 reasons I don’t miss dating:

  1. When my period is late, my first thought is not “Oh dear God I’m pregnant!” Even if you used three kinds of birth control, when your period is late you immediately go into pregnancy panic.  After several decades of living with this innate worry, it’s an incredibly freeing sensation to not worry one bit when you’re late. Unless, of course, you believe in immaculate conception….
  2. I save a ton on razors and shaving cream (not to mention shampoo and deodorant). You don’t realize how much money, time and energy you spend on these personal care products until you stop using them. With all the cash I’ve saved, I’m ready to put a down payment on a house! And by house I mean, of course, house of worship because with my fuzzy legs and ‘au naturel’ scent a monastic life is all I’m going to be seeing.
  3. Any leftover food I leave in the fridge will still be there the next morning. I don’t know if this is universal, but most guys I’ve dated have had a very personal relationship with the contents of my refrigerator. It’s not that I mind them eating my food; it’s when they polish off the last of my favorite Trader Joe’s Greek Yogurt and don’t replace it that makes me want to push their head into the freezer and close the door. Do I borrow all your porn mags and not return them?
  4. I can ogle/flirt with all the guys I want. Don’t get me wrong. I believe in monogamy and I take my relationships seriously, so I never cheat. But I do enjoy flirting and openly admiring all the eye-candy freely roaming the streets, so being single, as you can imagine, is like winning the lascivious lottery.
  5. I can give my telepathic powers a rest. Since there is no need to read the boyfriend’s mind, my overworked ESP gift can finally take a much-needed vacation. Instead of spending all that effort trying to psychically ascertain whether he’ll be picking me up from the airport or not when he doesn’t answer his phone (and either way I’m going to be on the receiving end of his resentment for not knowing), I can finally put my talent to good use, like cheating at poker.
  6. I can see all the chick flicks I want. How many times have you almost started World War III with the boyfriend when a Saturday night came down to Braveheart or Crimes of the Heart? When you’re in a relationship and pretending to be a mature adult, you compromise. But if you’re like me, after a while you get tired of the constant male commentary from your seat-mate while watching a movie where the characters actually express emotions other than punching or leering. So it’s nice to see a chick flick without having to justify it as research for my Romantically Challenged blog….

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