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Stop Smoking Naturally

As an ex-smoker myself, it is my honor to help people quit smoking through the natural method of hypnosis.

While there is no wrong way to quit, the patch, the inhaler, Chantix, Wellbutrin, etc., are all drugs used to stop using drugs.  Even the eCigarette keeps one in the habit of smoking.

There is an easier way to let go that dangerous habit: hypnosis.

We were all born non-smokers, and hypnosis simply returns you to that natural state by harnessing the power of the mind.  Your brain already remembers your original non-smoker default setting, and can actually reclaim it very quickly and easily.

It is not a fact that it is hard to quit smoking.  That is a belief.  Big fat difference: we can always change our beliefs, but we cannot change facts.  Hypnosis works to replace the limiting, disempowering beliefs with positive, supportive ones.  Don’t believe in hypnosis?  Well, that is a hypnotic suggestion in and of itself!  If you can sleep or be massaged, you can be hypnotized.

None of us are so stupid that we started smoking because we wanted to fry our lungs, age prematurely, waste money, drive insurance premiums up, contract chronic coughs/emphysema/COPD/lung cancer, become a social pariah and die young. Most of us started smoking to fit in, look cool, macho, older, sexy, what have you.  Well, there is nothing wrong with getting those needs met; fortunately, there are thousands of ways to meet those needs without poisoning your body.

In a way, you were really “hypnotized” to start smoking in the first place.

Someone or something suggested that you try it.  That is precisely what happened to me.  A cute guy taught me how to smoke, and I was “hypnotized” by his charms and foolishly took on the belief that smoking enhanced my ability to attract cute guys!  When I distinguished that belief, I was able to let it go and “plug into” a new belief (still not a fact) that I am much more attractive to cute guys as a non-smoker.  The latter serves me and I choose that belief system.

Since all behavior is driven by our beliefs, and it is completely possible to change beliefs at any time, why not start believing you can be a non-smoker?  Then just apply whatever method appeals to you to do so.  Employ any tool that works for you.  If one fails, try another. Just stop smoking. It is never too late to quit*, but of course the sooner you quit, the more years of your life you can save, especially if you do so before disease sets in.

If you do wish to try hypnosis, Google certified hypnotherapists in your area and shop around to find one that “clicks” with you.

It is a gift to be born with a normal, healthy body, and you have a choice to treasure that gift, or trash it.  Just imagine if you were given one car to drive for the rest of your life.  You would probably treat it very carefully, and I am sure you’d never dare to put diesel fuel into a regular engine.  Well, your body is your only vehicle for this life.

Yours is a life worth saving.

* Source: Reuters.

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