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Smart Foods Vs. Stupid Foods

As a self-proclaimed health/fitness junkie, I applaud Mayor Bloomberg’s concerns about obesity.

However, I am pleased that his proposed ban on restricting supersized sodas was overturned.  As long as cigarettes, alcohol, and other unhealthy food products are legal, his proposed ban is moot.  You cannot legislate health.  People have a right to eat, drink, or smoke whatever they choose.  They deserve to know the consequences, but let them choose for themselves.  It is what this country was founded on: freedom of choice.  Let’s present choices to the people with all the information they need.

In a 2000 study released by the Centers for Disease Control, it was found that 64% of the US population is overweight or obese.  Smoking released that disease claimed 435,000 people, or 18.1% of everyone who died that year, with the fast-approaching contender of poor diet and physical inactivity that caused 400,000 deaths, or 16.6%.*

Education and modeling healthy behaviors are the answer.

We are all victims of the “mass negative hypnosis” from advertisers for fast foods and junk “foods”.

Look behind the sexy girl stuffing her face with an oversized burger, dripping ketchup in her décolletage, or the hottie in a tank doing the same, wiping dripped sauce off his 6-pack abs and see what they are really selling: stupid foods.  Advertisers are counting on people making choices as stupid as the foods they are selling.  I don’t know about you, but I know very few people who look like those young models who eat that kind of “food” much or for many years, and get away with it.  Mayor Bloomberg might consider proposing a ban on false advertising.

To help us, what might be easier than reading a long list of ingredients, the number of calories, good fats, bad fats, etc., why not just use simple visual symbols, like street signs do?  For smart, healthy foods, plaster a logo of the hot girl or stud in their bikini or tank.  And for the junk “foods”, have a logo of an obese person, wiping mayonnaise off his muffin top.  That way, everyone can simply and easily make his or her own choice.

Stay healthy, my friends!

*Source: NY Times.