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Running From Danger: Terror Across The Boston Marathon Finish Line

A marathon is a grueling experience for those partaking in it; a stressful event for those watching it; and a lengthy one for everyone involved.

Brave Americans ran, not only in the Boston Marathon, but for their lives.

As we watch the tapes over and over again and feel the pain of those lives forever changed at the finish line, we are reminded of September 11th; the Aurora movie theatre shooting; and the Fort Hood massacre.

Let us also be reminded that we are not alone in our dismay and horror, as we struggle with trying to comprehend how a marathon can turn into a grueling, stressful, and lengthy day of terror.

Think about how your strengths help you to adapt to stressful situations, like the Boston Marathon incident.

First, focus on a strength that helps you to cope. Strengths may include being hopeful, fierce, helpful, funny, honest, careful, open-minded, self-directed, forgiving, confident, concerned, gentle, tolerant, proud, religious, and loyal.

  • Does your strength contribute to your “ability” to cope well?
  • Does it contribute to your “inability” to cope well?

Next, choose one of your weaknesses that may prevent you from coping well. These weaknesses may include being argumentative, undisciplined, frustrated, impulsive, harsh, lonely, envious, quiet, strict, messy, cross, angry, timid, resentful, confused, undisciplined and gloomy.

  • How do your weaknesses contribute to your “inability” to cope well?

As you focus on your strengths and weaknesses, you will see what makes you resilient. A marathon is a long distance race that requires exceptional endurance. Be like the resilient marathon runner who has an amazing ability to cope with the most difficult circumstances.

Barbara Rubel, nationally recognized author and speaker on coping with grief.  Barbara is a JenningsWire blogger.