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Podcast: From Pain To Parenthood

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Deanna Kahler is the author of “From Pain to Parenthood,” in which she shares her heartfelt journey to motherhood, through miscarriages and a long adoption process.

Now she is reaching out to others by telling her story and offering tips for those facing difficult circumstances.

From Pain to Parenthood

  • Why are the topics of miscarriage and adoption so important?
  • What have you learned along the way?
  • What is the most important message you want to share?
  • What is the biggest mistake people make when trying to reach a goal?
  • What advice do you have for listeners who are facing obstacles while trying to achieve their dreams?

You can find Deanna’s book, “From Pain to Parenthood,” on Amazon.comBarnesAndNoble.com and in select Michigan bookstores. For more information about Deanna and her books, please visit Deannakahler.com.

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