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“Loving” Like Cats and Dogs

It’s so so wonderful to see so many people on Facebook that love their dogs, cats, and animals!

leo battenhausen, jenningswire, annie jennings pr, animal lovers, personailtyMy observations over the years in mental health services, though not “scientific” by any means, prove to me that there is a huge difference in people who truly love animals (I’m partial to dogs here!) and those who don’t. (period emphasized!) Allow me a moment to share my belief in a spiritual way, then in a secular one as well.

To me, a dog’s love for its owner is the closest thing humans will ever know (in their human form) about how God loves us. Completely, thoroughly and fully unconditional! Humans are not capable of such love. We are not perfect. God (DOG spelled backwards) sent us these critters to be “Man’s Best Friend” while we walk this earth!

The way they love us is how God loves us!

Always happy to see us, never hold a grudge, love you not matter what we do or don’t do! Okay. For any non-believers, I ask how and why could you not love animals?

If they don’t “like” you, chances are they know you don’t like them!

(Dogs and children are very good character judges!) I’ve worked in therapy with animal lovers, animal haters, and the “indifferent.” Who do you think succeeds by far? No brainer, right? Right! Is it any surprise most serial killers abused, tortured and killed defenseless animals as children?

Animals bring joy, happiness, friendship, determination to please, and genuine soulful personality to our troubled lives!

They are always reliable and never want to cause us harm! Therapy dogs in children’s cancer treatment centers and geriatric facilities are doing amazing work! They lead the blind, assist the disabled, help solve horrible murders and bravely, selflessly rescue humans like you all the time! (remember 9-11!). So, check yourselves out, check your “friends” out, check your “potential mates out,” If they don’t love animals, they don’t love at all! Thanks for reading!


Leo Battenhausen is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.