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Your Edge Equates to Maximizing Yourself

No matter what you learned in your youth, good or bad, you can change that orientation by understanding what happened to you.

With understanding, you can rewrite the hard drive in your mind. You can decide to take action. You can move toward creating an edge.

“Edge” means to maximize yourself mentally, emotionally and physically. You may notice all great athletes maintain an edge in their sport. Great tennis players study their opponents on film or in person to discover their strengths and weaknesses. Great golfers see their ball dropping into the cup. Basketball players feel their shot swishing through the net. Great home-run hitters watch the ball all the way until it connects with the bat.

It’s no different for you. Keep your edge by keeping a keen mind and concentrating on your intentions, work, play and goals.

Finally, as the starship Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek told Commander Data, “Set a course for the Zebulon sector…engage.”

Everything falls into place as you work your mind toward success. You engage your entire being into the process of triumph through these practices.

Do you see a new pattern for your life emerging?

While many enthusiastic people create energetic lives for themselves, many other quiet individuals also create fulfilling and happy lives at their levels of engagement.

None possess a patent on what it means to live a spectacular life. That’s why someone who loves to sculpt, play chess, paint or macramé may enjoy just as passionate a life as a mountain climber. Something in our own mind turns each of us on to our own passions.

On my bicycle trip through South America, at Iguassu Falls in Argentina, my friends and I stepped beside one of the grandest waterfalls in the world. It’s not the tallest, but it proves to be one of the most spectacular. Around the roar of the falls, we watched toucan birds and brilliantly colored butterflies. Near the falls, we watched 10,000 black and yellow butterflies dancing on pink flowers. Can you imagine the color contrast and movement as the butterflies pollinated the flowers?

What made that experience more incredible?

A man, sitting at a seven-foot-tall harp, played his music to “flow” with the butterflies. We sat on the grass watching him play while the butterflies danced to his music. Maybe his music danced to the butterflies. His passion translated into an amazing experience for him and for us.

Sure, I get high riding my bicycle, skiing down a bump run, canoeing, rafting and climbing mountains. This guy got high playing his harp with butterflies dancing to the music. By the look on his face, I swear he climbed to the top of his own Mount Everest in the musical realm. He lived brilliantly.

By engaging your creative talents, your passions and your actions—you may play your own “music” to fit your “edge” in this world.

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