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Book Review: One Word That Will Change Your Life By Dan Britton, Jimmy Page & Jon Gordon

I might just get the hang of my New Year’s Resolutions in 2013.

That’s because I didn’t make any!

Instead, I read ONE WORD THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE, by Dan Britton, Jimmy Page, and Jon Gordon.  They promise it will take you forty minutes to read their book.  Or less!  It is a speedy read, well worth your precious half-hour or so.  And, I followed their simple instructions.  Prepare your heart, discover your word, live your word.

In years past, I’ve made a list of probably a dozen resolutions.  They tortured me and I have a rebellious nature, which means I only followed the ones I really loved.  The others shouldn’t have been on the list.  I have no trouble showing up for dance classes or weight-lifting classes, as long as they have music.  And, big stuff, like write a book – that’s just three words, but it takes a long time!

Other years, I’ve made a vision board – and I may do that anyway for 2013, now that I’ve read ONE WORD THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.  It’s fun, cutting pictures and inspirational words are in pretty fonts out of magazines.  I’ve got four up on my walls. I’m getting closer to those goals, but I’m still not there, yet.

I don’t know what the stats are on vision boards, but the experts tell us that by the end of January, fully half of us will have failed their written resolutions.  And, by the end of the year, 88% of us will have completely lost track of these.

But, what if it’s just a One Word resolution?  As I read, I realized the authors were discussing the part of the brain called Reticular Activating System.  Your mind filters information so, let’s say you buy a red car.  Suddenly, all you’ll see on the roads will be red cars.  You give your mind a word or a thought, and it tells your RAS to pay attention to this thing that you say you want, or this way you want to be.  The Law of Attraction people love this stuff.  You can deliberately create your own future.

It worked backward for me.  I realized, as I read their car example, that I had been seeing stars a lot lately.  At Christmas, I was even gifted a necklace with a star on it, a necklace that I never take off.  And, I got it!  That was my word.  Star.  A sense of independently creating my own future.  Not being codependent.  And, not being a chameleon. Star – to shine from within, to be as brilliant as is possible.

ONE WORD THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE is powerful.  Be still, the tiny book advises.  Pray.  And, welcome in your One Word.  Odds are you will keep that resolution, and it will free you.

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