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7 Signs of Sacred Friendship

7 Signs of Sacred FriendshipI recently asked my Facebook friends, “What does ‘Sacred Friendship’ mean to you?”

Collectively speaking, the definition of a sacred friendship is as follows:

“A bond from deep within, at the level of the heart and soul. A tie which no judgement can sever. Loyal, Respectful, Unconditional, Honest, Transparent and Authentic.  A pillar of Love and Acceptance, anchored at the very center of the heart space.”

True friendship is a gift, and life is lighter, brighter, easier and funnier with true pals by our side. I remember sacred friendship from childhood.  My best friend lived just down the hill; we had the option of walking up and down the winding road to each others house, or taking the shortcut, through the brush, straight up and down the mountain side.  Over the years, our daily visits created a dirt pathway through the shrub that you could see from the street at the bottom of the hill; a straight line to the top, and over the ridge.  No one would ever have believed that the determined little trail was blazed by two pairs of dusty white Keds and a couple of giggling little girls. And no one but us understood that the trail lead to much more than just each others door step; it lead to a sanctuary found between us, where we could talk, share, explore, discover, play, imagine, and create, and where we were safe, no matter where we were, because we were together.  

After entering into into foster care, I spent years mastering the art of keeping people at a distance, but over the past decade or so, my heart has opened up to explore and embrace friendships in a way I’d not allowed myself to since childhood. The connections I’ve made, and the sacred friendships I am blessed to experience in my life today, have changed me, inspired me, encouraged me, and shaped my journey in unimaginable ways.

And today, the trail between my bestie and I is blazed non-stop from LAX to NYC, but she’s always right here in my heart. With sacred friendships you’re never really apart.

(Well, maybe geographically, but never at heart.)

7 Tell Tale Signs of Sacred Friendship

They tell the truth. 

You may not always like it, but she’ll say it anyway — with love and the good intention.  Whether it’s the jobless, live-in boyfriend, the self sabotage bit, or that thing you’ve got stuck between your teeth — it’s all out there.  You know always know exactly where she stands, and it’s always with you.

They’re genuinely happy for your success.  

When my talented friend (and indescribably the most psychic person I’ve ever met in my life), Cindy Goldenberg, was offered her own television show on the BIO Channel, our circle of friends rejoiced at her success!  We cried, we laughed, broke bread around the table, played music, celebrated and cheered her on as this marvelous experience unfolded for her, right before all our eyes.  After her show officially launched, we gathered in her living room, her Doberman Pinscher in my lap, and quietly hung on every word, while watching her bring magic to the screen on the wall in her living room. And during the commercial breaks, we went crazy with excitement! It felt like WE ALL got a show on the BIO channel!

Your sacred friends will never ask, “Why her and not me?”

They’re too busy authentically celebrating and passionately sharing in the joys of shared accomplishments.

They never let you wallow — for long.  

The bozo boyfriend who dumped you, the bitch-of-a-boss-you-should-have-stopped-working-for-long-before-she-fired-you-anyway, and while we’re at it, that tired “he-said-she-said” story you can’t let go of —

A good friend will let you cry over him, grieve the job, and tell your story one more time, but then, for your own good, she’ll draw the line in the sand.  She knows full well that you deserve the best life has to offer, believes that Joy is your birthright, and sees you for the strong, perfectly prepared person that you are.

So, prepare to buck up!  A sacred friendship will lift you, inspire you, center you, and remind you — now get up off your knees, and open your heart.
Love is knocking.

They call.  

Sounds so ridiculously simple — of course friends call each other!
Don’t they?

It sometimes feels like email, text messaging and social media are taking over the art of traditional conversation.  I know, picking up the phone and making a call (much like a hand written letter — remember those?) can feel so old-school, but it shouldn’t, because it isn’t it!  

And, please don’t get me wrong — I love a sweet or silly text in the middle of my congested work day, or a quick lunch invite delivered with a “ding”.  My friend is thinking of me!  How can that be bad? Yet still, there is no substitute for a loving, caring friend calling out of the blue, for absolutely NO other reason other than that YOU were on their mind, and in their heart at that moment, and to simply ask, “How are you?”

Is there a better gift in the world than to know you are loved and cared about?  

I don’t think so.

Share in this loving (and somehow always perfectly timed) experience, simply by being the friend who makes the call.

They keep your secrets sacred and your soft spots guarded.

A sacred friend will never knowingly, or intentionally, cause trauma to your heart or soul by betrayal of trust, but will always hold your heart, perspective, feelings and opinions dear.   Whether it’s a new business venture, your latest invention, a personal life challenge or just a private conversation, privacy itself is a big, big deal.  To be the trusted person a friend shares with is a gift, and the kindest way to repay a person for their trust, is to show them that you’re worthy of it.

A breech in trust is poison to any relationship, who’s depth is directly measured by the sacred exchange.

They allow you be you. 

There is only one of you on this planet — just ONE.  And, you’re it!  No one else can contribute, share, teach, embody or illuminate the gifts which YOU came to share with the world, and I honor you, just for being YOU.

You’ll find this sentiment within your sacred friendships.  These beautiful friends celebrate you, love you, and are grateful for your presence on the planet.  They do not have a need to change you, mold you, shape you, guide you or alter you in any way.   They don’t care what you drive, what you wear, or what you did before. They love you, just the way you are, right now.

They hold the highest, richest, brightest thoughts, feelings and intentions for you, and your life experience.

The quality of our thoughts have a direct impact on the lives we live, and on the lives we touch.

Do you surround yourself with cheerleaders, or nay sayers?

Negative people zap our excitement, dim our light and drain our energy.


Sacred friends though, will not only encourage you and inspire you, they will also hold the highest thoughts on your behalf, and whisper prayers of advanced thanks in your honor.  They see the potential, celebrate the wonder, and believe in the possibility that is YOU — in their mind and heart, your dreams have already come true.

You may have 10 of them, or maybe just a few, but when it comes to these Heaven sent folks, even one or two will do.  Today, remember to share your appreciation for the treasured sacred relationships that grace your life’s journey — give thanks for them, and to them, because without them…life just wouldn’t be the same.

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