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How Anita Heidema Promoted Her Book: “Vitality Knocks”

In this podcast, we are speaking with Anita Heidema author of Vitality Knocks. Anita is here to talk about her book promotion experience and what marketing strategies worked well for her and what did not so she can help others by sharing tips and secrets to book marketing success!

Listen Here:

How Anita Heidema Promoted Her Book: Vitality KnocksHow Anita Heidema Promoted Her Book: “Vitality Knocks”

  • Anita, tell us about your book?
  • Why did you write Vitality Knocks?
  • How did you promote Vitality Knocks?
  • Tell us about your overall book promotion experiences?
  • What book marketing strategy worked the best for you?
  • Do you have any secrets to book selling success you would like to share?

Learn more about Anita Heidema and her book, Vitality Knocks at www.anitaheidema.com. Book also available on Amazon.

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