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Podcast: How Elsa Kurt Promoted You Wrote It, Now What?

In this podcast we are speaking with Elsa Kurt author of You Wrote It, Now What? Elsa is here to talk about her book promotion experience and what marketing strategies worked well so she can help others by sharing her tips and secrets to book marketing success!

Listen Here:

How Elsa Promoted You Wrote It, Now What?

  • How can your book help new and aspiring authors?
  • Elsa, why did you write your book? Did authors seek out your advice?
  • Tell us about your passion about helping authors learn what learned the hard way?
  • How did you promote your book? What outreach methods did you use?
  • What book marketing strategy worked the best for you? Was it social media? If so, how?
  • Do you have any secrets to book selling success you would like to share?

Learn more about Elsa Kurt and her books at elsakurt.com as well as across social media @authorelsakurt. Purchase You Wrote It, Now What? on Amazon and most online book retailers.

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