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Be Free In The Problem

Problems! Everybody experiences them.

Breaking The Bonds For FreedomYou might call “life challenges” your classroom for living. If you notice—every movie, play, sitcom, drama, thriller and adventure story features problems for the protagonist to face and overcome. Life deals everyone antagonists to overcome.

Every aspect of your life causes you to come into contact with people. Some nice, some not so nice! Some dull, some boring and some more exciting that you can tolerate. Some men show arrogance while others bore you to tears. Some women own beautiful looks, bodies and brains—but feature nasty demeanors toward others. Bosses can be nice, obtuse and aggravating.

You might ask, “How come nasty people try to hurt my feelings? Why do some want to punish me? Why do others feel they must best me or even make fun of me?”

Did you think you could ride your white horse through life at a full gallop without a little spit in your face or falling off?

Reality check: everybody falls off their tricycle, bicycle, horse, balance beam, diving board, tennis court and just about anything offered in life. As you grow out of childhood, the game becomes more interesting. It’s called a “pecking order” in high school. The prettiest girls become cheerleaders who date the best looking guys on the sports teams. Some kids enjoy rich parents who provide them with hot cars while most of the rest of us must work to keep food in our bodies and clothing on our backs.

Through it all, you face challenges, problems, difficulties and conflicts in high school and college. Or, vocational technical school. Or, the military. Or, the corporate world where everyone claws on the backs of everyone else to reach that big home in the suburbs along with that BMW.

You must realize that everyone struggles with his or her own ghosts of parental upbringing or lack of it. You must understand that everyone carries various degrees of personal acceptance, non-acceptance and/or confidence or lack of it. Some try to cut others down to make themselves feel better. It’s an interesting mix out there in the world.

Through all of it, never compare yourself to anyone. You prove a singular expression of the universe wrapped up in a one-of-a-kind package. Accept your looks, body, build, height and personality—totally.

Be yourself so you can attract others who love, adore and enjoy your individual high vibrational frequencies that tune you in and turn you onto the world at large.

When you face a problem, be free “in” the problem so you become free “of” the problem. Exactly what does that mean? Simple: avoid defining yourself by your problems. Look at them, examine their causes and solve them with sensible actions. If you can’t solve the problem or the person creating the problem, move away from that person or persons.

Remember that you pursue your life with the energies that thrust you into each day with a sense of purpose. That purpose may evolve in different directions. It may take you along various paths. It will hook you up with your highest and best.

Additionally, your conscious mind carries over into how you direct your life. If you keep facing the same problems, you get to choose a different consciousness. You can stop doing something that doesn’t serve you by doing some that does serve you.

For instance, if a friend turns on you or tries to undercut you at parties, at play or at work—you take charge by moving toward friends that support you.

They could be struggling artists, songwriters, musicians, fellow mothers, sports friends or any of a dozen different folks in your social circles. That means family members too: if they’re not supporting you, take action to move toward those who do support you.

For an example, I watched a phenomenal movie: “Joy” with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper along with Robert DiNero. By watching that movie, you will be buoyed in your own quest for a happy life.

Instead of thinking there are no answers: create answers and solutions. Instead of mucking around in the mud: shift to higher ground. Instead of playing out old habits: open to new ideas.

Please realize the “Universe” or “Great Spirit” or whatever you want to tap into during your journey on this planet—conspires to support, defend and provide for you. Take action and enjoy the wondrous results.


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