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It’s Only Pot! What’s The Big Deal?

Should we be in favor of a “greener world?”

leo battenhausen, jenningswire, annie jennings pr, weed, drugs, thc, IQ, mental development This has been the Battle Cry of “Stoners,” “Burn-Outs,” “Pot Heads” and all those who partake in the smoking of marijuana for ages!  “It’s natural man!  How bad can it be?”

In fairness to the advocates of a “Greener” World, it is true that marijuana users generally, if ever, get high then go home and flare into fits of rage that may result in domestic violence like alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine or crack-users may.  Pot Heads rarely get into fatal car accidents like drunk drivers do.  In fact, most smokers will diligently make certain to DO the speed limit, and be over-conscious of “obeying the laws of the road” in order to “not get caught high!”  In my day, the “burn outs” were the most mellow, laid-back, peaceful people around!  It was “all good…….man!”  That was then.

Sure its true that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and many other Founding Fathers of our country made lots of money from “HEMP” or the marijuana plant.  It was used for clothing, ropes, paper and I am sure smoking.  While I don’t know if our Founding Fathers were “high” when they wrote the Constitution and established Congress, I do know they benefitted financially from the “Hemp” plant.  That was then as well.

Today, we are seeing a shift to “legalize” marijuana as a means to treat chronic pain, but under strict guidelines and supervision.

In my personal practice, I have also seen the benefit of marijuana for many with Anxiety Disorders, Social Phobia, Panic Disorders and Anger Management issues.  While by no means were these “scientifically” endorsed studies, they were definitely “real life” people, with “real life” issues!  However, they were also breaking the law, but I’m not the police.

Given all of these perceived “benefits,” or minimally low-risk factors for pot users, society, parents and EVEN the police seem to be turning a slight “blind eye” to the smokers.  “What trouble do they cause?”  Not much really.  BUT, here is the BIG DEAL!

Madeline Meier reported to Time.com that heavy use of pot in the teenage years “dulls intelligence and the loss of IQ points may last for life.”

This study, conducted in New Zealand tested 1,000 school children at the age of 13 and followed up with them periodically regarding their drug use until the age of 38.  Findings were indicative for those who began using marijuana regularly before age 18 and continued using it until age 38 lost “an average of eight IQ points-the difference between scoring in the 50th percentile (average) and the 29th (well below average)”.  For those studied who waited until after age 18 to “partake” in smoking, no significant decline was shown.

Remember, adolescents’ brain and thinking processes are not fully developed yet!

This is “what’s so bad” about teens smoking pot!  It can do damage beyond repair if they smoke pot before the age of 18, and this parents must be aware of!

With 23 percent of high school students admitting they have “tried” smoking pot and “one in ten” getting high 20 times or more a month, there is an issue all parents, children and even law enforcement must recognize!  Educate yourselves and educate your kids with fact!  It will make a BIG DEAL!


Leo Battenhausen is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.