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Avoid Halloween Candy: Tricks to Stop Eating Treats

Okay, I’ll admit it:

I’m one of those people who are tempted by those bite-sized Halloween candies that seem to turn up everywhere (or, that I buy myself!)

Hubby loves the candy corn, and I’m partial to anything with chocolate!

Over the years, I struggled with buying bags of Halloween candy early — “just to have it on hand” — but somehow, the candy just kept disappearing before October 31st!

I finally figured out how to enjoy Halloween treats without getting frightfully fat!

Hope these tips help you, too!

1. Freeze it. The treat will take longer to eat that way (and in my opinion, it tastes better too!) Mmm… a frozen Snicker’s bar is delicious.

2. Hide it. (That doesn’t mean under the bed!) Better yet, have your spouse hide the candy and then just dole out two or three pieces at a time.

3. Savor it.  This was a huge one for me. Be sure to only eat the treats that you truly love. Are you nibbling on stale candy corn just because it’s Halloween? Yuck! Choose a piece or two of your favorites and take the time to enjoy them. Chances are you’ll need less in order to feel satisfied.

4. Alternate it. For every piece of candy you eat, munch on a few slices of apple, carrots, celery vegetable or another healthy item. If you stick to this rule, you’ll find that you’ll satisfy your sweet tooth and also get some nutrients at the same time.

5. Donate it. After Halloween, take the leftover candy to your local food bank or fire station. Out of sight, out of mind!

If having even a small amount of candy in the house derails your diet, consider giving out non-candy treats instead. Stickers, Play-doh, pencil erasers small toys are other fun options!

And remember, you can get that candy any time of the year.

Just because it’s packaged in an orange and black wrapper doesn’t make it special!

Hope that helps! Would love to hear about ways that YOU stay healthy during the holidays!


Peggy Hall is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.