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Eliminating Limiting Beliefs Can Change Your Life

Eliminating limiting beliefs can change your life.

In my book, If Your Money Talked… What Secrets Would It Tell?, I wrote a chapter dedicated to the topic of limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are negative thoughts planted in our subconscious mind in our formative years, usually grades one through seven, by a person of authority. This person could be a parent, an older sibling, a teacher, or a religious leader. Limiting beliefs can be about anything, and because they are deeply embedded, few people are aware they exist.

I have chosen to focus on limiting beliefs about money but, believe me, they exist on all types of subjects and virtually everyone has them.

On a recent radio interview, I mentioned how important limiting beliefs can be in causing financial stress. My final statement that day was for anyone who thinks they may have a limiting belief about money to do a self examination and try to discover the origin of their negative belief. If they were successful, it would be a great start in removing that belief.

Last week I received an e-mail from JT regarding her problems with money. She was earning plenty, $10,000 a month, but had nothing to show for it at the end of each month. She often had to borrow money to pay her bills.

JT’s e-mail:

When I have an abundance of money and those around me are struggling to make ends meet, I should help out.

My father left my mother when I was a little girl. Growing up, I always believed my dad never stuck around because I wasn’t good enough. I have never really gotten over the pain of him leaving and always felt it was my fault. As a result, I gave any and everything I had away, because I never truly felt worth having it anyway.

 As an only child I was given the “best” by my mother and my grandmother. The other children in the neighborhood resented me for it. We lived two doors away from a candy store and my grandma always gave me candy money. The other children treated me badly unless I had candy, which made me popular for a few hours. When I ran out of candy my so called friends would disappear. I always realized they weren’t really my friends but I got to enjoy companionship at school in brief increments.

 I realize that giving away my candy then and giving away my money now are really the same thing. I am in essence buying my friends again just like when I was a child.

JT went on to explain that my radio discussion was her wake up call. She introduced the word NO into her vocabulary and has turned down all the requests for her money.

So if you are like JT and have a money problem that could be fueled by a limiting belief,  have some courage, take some time and dig deep to find the origin of that belief. Then, put the belief where it belongs, in the nearest trash can!

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