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Happiness At Work!

Since the Oscars performance from Pharrell Williams, HAPPY has received even more attention nationally and internationally.

Could it be the winter blues that has us craving for happiness? Is there a spiritual component?  Perhaps it just feels good.  But reflect on a difficult time at work and consider how being nice and happy and really lead to more productivity.

Sterling was a veteran administrative assistant who was responsible for planning an event at the last minute for his new boss.  Sterling’s boss was lukewarm at best during the first week on the job, barking orders and making abrupt requests. Sterling could see the writing on the wall. He could either resist the difficult boss who was struggling to make a mark, or project good vibes and feelings in an attempt to support the new boss. Sterling chooses happiness. Instead of flipping the negative vibe back to the new boss, Sterling kindly approached the new boss and asked what was needed. Sterling also brought hot tea from the office kitchen and offered to hold calls for an hour as the new boss was scrambling trying to settle in. Sterling also openly praised the new boss toward the end of the week. The once anxious boss was beginning to relax.

Happiness can help workers create and maintain a healthy work environment.

Being nice or happy can end a dispute before its gets started.  A good vibe changes the tone of the workplace, and helps all involved relax and in turn focus on the tasks at hand.  Here are a few things to consider to be a Sterling on your job:

  1. Reframe difficult exchanges. Consider if the other person is stressed, under pressure, or facing some other scrutiny.
  2. Consider if YOU are stressed. Maybe take a quick time out to re-center and relax before returning to your desk.
  3. Consider how to be helpful and supportive of the situation, without eroding your own boundaries.
  4. ‘Please,” ‘thank you’ and ‘have a nice day’ go a long way to helping those around you feel at ease.
  5. Treat yourself nice. Make the most of the break. Treat yourself to something that makes you smile
  6. Take a walk on a nice day.  The brain does need that release from close reading and close quarters. The tension on the eyes and body are released with a quick walk and change of scenery.

These elements might seem so simple, but these nice strategies go a long way to keeping all involved relaxed and productive. No one wants to report to a workplace that is a war zone. Imagine instead spending the work day in a place where everyone strives to be nice and happy.  Imagine the creativity that can emerge from such an environment.


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