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Podcast: How to Design a Healthy, Safe Space for Your New Baby

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Trina Masepohl is an engineer turned interior designer and author. She turns her technical expertise and love of design to helping parents create healthy, safe environments where their children can grow and thrive. Her new book, The Green Nursery: How to Design a Healthy, Safe Space for Your New Baby, teaches parents how to create a gorgeous, green nursery just like the professionals.

How to Design a Healthy, Safe Space for Your New Baby

  • Why is it so important for parents to create a green baby nursery?
  • What chemicals are of concern in the home and where are they found?
  • What’s the one thing all parents should understand about creating a healthy home?
  • What are three easy things anyone can do right now to create a healthier, safer indoor environment?

You can get a free excerpt of Trina’s new book, The Green Nursery, at mixxmodern.com. And while you’re there, you can check out the companion products, The Green Nursery Toolkit and The Green Nursery Buyer’s Guide, hands-down the easiest way to go green for baby.

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