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BIG BAD BULLY… The Dream Job Turned Nightmare

You got the job! You took the GMAT three times to get wait-listed and then finally admitted to that high end school for your masters. You have attended the seminars and chased job recruiters at workshops. Your resume was circulated by four different [...]
Overlooked and Ignored: Another Form of Workplace Incivility

Overlooked and Ignored: Another Form of Workplace Incivility

Patrice was a conscientious colleague at her local newspaper. She was ready to pitch in when someone needed to fact check an item. She even offered to do light editing when time permitted. However, her assistant editor, Kyle, didn’t like her [...]

Podcast: Using Conflict To Increase Productivity & Innovation

Listen Here: Lynne Eisaguirre is a workplace and leadership expert, former employment attorney and author of six books on workplace topics, including the Power of a Good Fight:  How to Embrace Conflict to Drive Productivity, Creativity, and [...]

Podcast: Bring Order To Chaos At Work

Listen Here: Katharine Halpin is the CEO and founding principal of The Halpin Companies, and an expert in bringing order to chaos. She works with CEOs, leaders and their teams. Katharine is the author of Alignment for Success: Bringing [...]

Workplace Bully

We assume that bullying is a problem that is limited to schools, playgrounds and children and youth. However, that’s not so. Bullying has become more prevalent at the workplace and even the elderly are being bullied more often. Although the [...]

Podcast: The Four Generations At Work

Listen Here: Award winning author and presenter, Dr. Elizabeth Kearney, is a former John Hopkins Fellow with a background as both a professor and business owner. She is author of The Four Generations, which explains how to deal with four different [...]

Podcast: Living Through The Pain – The Lonely Me

Listen Here: Cathy A. Kurtz is the author of Living Through The Pain – The Lonely Me, a memoir that is a startling and painful testament of her journey dealing with the trauma of losing her mother, father, oldest brother and sister-in-law [...]

Black & Blue Shouldn’t Lead To A Pink Slip

Imagine you are at work and your bubbly colleague, Theresa, has seemingly changed personalities. A once vivacious office contributor has become quiet, withdrawn and nervous. You notice that Theresa has been coming to work late.  She leaves [...]

Fall In Love With Work Again

You will spend more waking hours on the job than you will with family and friends. It is no surprise that people who have stressful and toxic work environments have higher rates of hypertension, diabetes, depression and other stress related [...]

Martin Luther King Day Of Service Starts At Work

Martin Luther King Day of Service Starts at Work Did you know that Martin Luther King was only 26 years old when he led the Montgomery Bus Boycott?  At the age of 35 he won the Noble Peace Prize and at 39, he was slain in Memphis, Tennessee. [...]

Is It The End Of The World To Return To Work?

The holidays are a notorious time to let your hair down, enjoy some egg nog and engage in secret Santa activities with the staff. When the tinsel is taken down, and the lights dimmed after the holiday, do you feel it is the end of the world [...]

YOU’RE FIRED! But Wait, My Life Isn’t A Reality TV Show…

Richard had been a rising star in his company since his initial point of hire four years previous. He had landed major clients, bonuses, and was recognized regionally and nationally for his work.  Despite the recession, Richard’s life was [...]

Holiday Cheer & A Healthy Workplace

As we reflect on a cheerful holiday season, many people will feel the angst of returning to a difficult place to work after the holidays are over. The reprieve from a hostile or aggressive workplace can be all too short and in some cases leave [...]

Don’t Be Afraid of the Office Bully Monster

We are entering that cherished time of they year… Halloween moving through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years is a time where office parties and progressively bad behavior seem to be overlooked underneath the haze of holiday cheer. [...]