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Podcast: Living Beyond The Wig

Listen Here: Felicia M Hazzard is contributor to the book HERspectives, Rules and Tools that Build Successful Women: How I Created Work/Life Balance which features her memoir Living Beyond The Wig, the story of her experience living with breast [...]

Your Dream Of Giving Two Weeks Notice

Do you like your work? Do you get a kick out of reaching the “office” daily as a park ranger, chef, teacher, truck driver, fireman, manager, waitress or hairdresser? Note this fact: what you do daily in your life affects your mind, body [...]

Podcast: Be A Working Mom & Still Live Your Dreams

Listen Here: JC Niala is the author of “Beyond Motherhood: A Guide to Being a Great Working Mother While Living Your Dream” which shares wisdom from working mothers to inspire others who may feel that it’s impossible to have [...]