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Stop the Insanity of These Challenging Times and Make a Change!

Podcast: Stop the Insanity of These Challenging Times and Make a Change!

Gillian Stevens is the author of Explore, Transform, Flourish- Support and Hope for Those Who Help Others: How Professionals Keep It Together. She believes the rising incidence of addiction, mental health concerns, suicide, PTSD and chronic [...]

Feeling Challenged by Change? Use the One-Two Punch that Powers Creation

Once in a while things spin out of our control. Of course full control is only an illusion, but it’s an illusion we crave, and on many levels need to maintain our balance. If you’re a creative soul, the wild torque that reorders the things [...]

Mentorship Is Like Wizardry: Find Your Glinda

My favorite definition of a wizard is a person with a power or effect that appears magical by its capacity to transform. That is what you need to look for in your wizard, your mentor: the ability to help you transform. Having a great mentor [...]

Podcast: Finding Awareness In Your Twenties

Listen Here: Kat Hurley is an author and transformational coach who conducts seminars nationwide. She just released her new book I Think I’ll Make It and is on a steadfast mission to bring mindfulness to the masses, especially youth. Finding [...]

Driven By Impatience? You’re Headed Toward The Cliff: Part 1

Something to think about. I’d like you to think about how, since childhood, you might have been excited about something: saving money for a gift, having a birthday party, opening presents on holidays, visiting an old friend or relative…recall [...]

Your 2013 Resolution Revolution

What does 2013 mean to you? For many it means the opportunity to start over–to lose weight, make more money, to spend more time with family, or to finally clean out the garage before the producers of ‘Hoarders’ come a’calling. [...]