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Podcast: Using Your Fringe Hours to Do What You Love

Listen Here: Jessica Turner is a married mother-of-three who works full time, runs a popular lifestyle blog and still finds time to take care of herself and do the things she loves. Her first book, The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You releases [...]

Podcast: From Average To Amazing In 30 Days

Listen Here: Dr. Drema Dial is a psychologist and life coach based in Austin, TX. The heart of Dr. Dial’s work is to help people challenge their roadblocks and to help them unlearn old habits. Her latest book is Creating the Life You [...]

Podcast: Put More Time On Your Side

Listen Here: Productivity guru, Dr. Jan Yager is a sociologist who is author of five books on time management. Jan has been researching, coaching, and speaking about, time management since the 1980s. Her latest book, Put More Time on Your Side: [...]

Time Management – You Are The #1 Priority

We all schedule our activities. We allot time to important things like work, creative endeavors, education, sleep and socializing.  But what about ourselves?  Do we set aside time in our day to take care of our physical and emotional needs? How [...]