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Should You Post Pictures Of Children Online?

Most people give no thought whatsoever to posting pictures of their children online. They are proud of their kids, they love them…so why not show the world how wonderful they are so others can enjoy each milestone too? Plus, Grandma and Auntie [...]

Podcast: How To Hire The Perfect Virtual Assistant

Listen Here: Catherine Storing is a business coach, fashion stylist and multi-business owner, including a full service virtual assistantcompany that provides support services for her coaching clients. Catherine is author of the upcoming book On-boarding [...]

The Ultimate Buzz

As many people were celebrating the New Year with sparkling champagne or some other way to get “a buzz on,” I was having a personal “buzz machine” implanted in my spine. No, I have not gotten into some New Age technological [...]

Would You Use Facebook To Catch A Bad Guy?

In Oklahoma, the OK state, an elderly couple was home invaded and held at knifepoint, and the woman was knocked to the ground. During the ensuing abuse, their home was robbed and the predator got away. Not OK. The police were notified and a [...]

High-Tech vs. Low-Tech Locks

High technology doesn’t necessarily mean better, stronger or faster. It does usually mean more convenient, as the word technology is defined as “including the use of materials, tools, techniques, and sources of power to make life easier [...]

NFC App On Androids Facilitates Automation

Near field communications (NFC) is the exchange of information between two devices via wireless signal. For example, a wireless signal emitting from your cell phone can act as a credit card when making a purchase. In the case of a mobile wallet [...]

Podcast: Pick Up The Damn Phone! How People, Not Technology, Seal The Deal

Listen Here: Joanne Black is an innovative sales advisor, member of the National Speakers Association and author of NO MORE COLD CALLING™: The Breakthrough System That Will Leave Your Competition in the Dust and PICK UP THE DAMN PHONE! How [...]

Scammers Use Online Calendars To Phish Victims

You’ve been here before: You’re at work, you get a notification via a popup, then an email, then a text reminding you of an appointment on your calendar. For most busy professionals, this is pretty normal because you know you need multiple [...]

Laptop Theft Leads to Identity Theft

Ever lose a mobile device? Have one stolen? Know someone who has? Device loss and theft is a common issue when it comes to identity theft and results in data breaches. Some studies have shown as many as 2.5 million laptops are stolen annually, [...]

Planting A Garden In Your Mind

In America today, you notice an endless stream of teens, college kids and employees looking down into their Smart phones. At bars, women line the dance floor with a white light shining up into their faces from their phones as they stare into [...]

Cellular Base Station Range Extenders Vulnerable to Attack

Low-powered cellular base stations are often found in residential homes and small businesses where mobile coverage is scant. The device, which also known as a femtocell, connects to DSL or cable connections and extends cellular coverage to a [...]

Mirror Mirror Online, Who Is the Most Dangerous Celebrity of Them All?

We all do it. We probably all just don’t admit it. Well I admit it—I’ve searched for that elusive picture of Kimye’s baby North (who I thought would be called Kadence, but I’m not in the know, which is why I’m on the search engines [...]

4 Ways To Share Paid Hotspots

There are a number of scenarios you might be in where friends, family and colleagues need to jump on a (read: your) wireless connection, but they’d rather not pay a connection fee. So if you have the goods right in front of you and they can [...]

What’s The Point Of $1 Million In Insurance For Identity Theft?

Honesty is the best policy, right? I’ve spent my life being honest, and do you know what is the most important lesson I’ve learned is? The truth hurts. And when you (meaning me too) says it like it is, someone somewhere isn’t going to [...]

Danger: Wireless Toilets Next On Hackers’ List

Just about anything wireless is hackable today. Everything—from PCs to mobiles to tablets to home automation devices to pacemakers to insulin dispensers and even cars—are hackable. And now “smart” toilets. CNET reports, “[Smart] toilets [...]

Card Issuers Losing $562 In Costs To Grey Charges

Hey merchants, yes you, BillGuard released a report that examined the grey charge problem among US debit and credit cardholders and the service costs impacting card issuers and retailers. The report revealed 11 types of deceptive ‘grey charges’ [...]

North Carolinians Scammed For Millions Dating Online

This year, 17 such victims have reported a dating scam that has cost them a combined $700,000, says the North Carolina Attorney General’s office. The typical victim is a woman in her early 60s. One victim sent her online Casanova nearly $1.3 [...]

How The Government (And Bad Guys) Intercept Electronic Data

The news of the NSA spying using PRISM should not come as a surprise to anyone in the intelligence community. Electronic spying is as normal as breathing. And when a 27-year-old American traitor with little life experience (he was 15 when 9/11 [...]

What Are My Risks With My Mobile Device?

If you understand what mobile criminals are trying to do, you can fight back. The primary risks you should worry about are: Financial fraud: Someone takes over your bank account, extracts money, or sets up a premium SMS scam where you pay for [...]

Digital Detox? Just Put The Phone Away!

Want to ruin a nice walk, dinner out, or scenic drive with your significant other? Pull out the phone, tablet or laptop. We know it, and yet we do it anyway, all the time and in nearly every situation. We are on the verge of being alone even [...]

Plugging Your Spirit Into A Technological World

We live in a wired world…or should I say wireless. Our techno gizmos, gadgets, and games. They’re ubiquitous. Why just the other day I was at Barnes &Noble—I know what an archaic concept frequenting a book store when Kindle is so readily [...]

Lost Opportunities In Every Day Interactions

Marnie, a five year-old came to my office accompanying her mother who wanted to talk to me about her older sister, Jocelyn. When I went out to greet the mom, Marnie was on some type of head set connected to a small screen device.  Marnie [...]

Conversations With The Tuesday Night Girls: Alphabet Soup

Texting. These days, everyone does it, unless they are on an airplane.  Even church pews and movie theaters are not exempt from the buzzing and dinging of text message notifications. Of course I have the usual etiquette complaints such as texting [...]

Why Are Criminals Moving From PCs To Mobile Devices?

The number of households in the United States that rely solely on mobile phones continues to increase. As of July 2011, 31 percent of households had mobile phones and no landlines. Additionally, almost one in six households used mobile phones [...]

The Brain: Engine For Success

People claim that we only use up to 10% of our brain. The brain is the engine activating our thinking, our behavior and most importantly creating the results; the way we live our lives. Are we living in a lazy brain society? Since technology [...]

13 Digital Security Tips For 2013

The best thing about the “New Year” is committing to new or old resolutions and starting fresh. Whether you are an individual or a small business, the following applies: Delete. Go through your files, deleting and organizing as necessary. [...]

“SEXT” Time, You May Not Be So Lucky!

IPhone 5 The “newest, best-ever, state-of-the-art” cell phone just came out.  The I-Phone V.  Does your teen want it?  Have it?  Beg you for it?  My guess is yes!  Seems like every month or so, the “newest and best cell phone” [...]

The Evolution of Communication: Forget Voice, It’s All About Data

Forget voice, it’s all about data I was at the J-Lo and Enrique Iglesias concert in Atlanta recently and was struck by the thousands of fans around me (ok, myself included) taking pictures and shooting video from their cell phones; and I was [...]

Is Text Messaging Creating A Social Communication Misfit Generation?

Compromising communication Let me be the first to say, well at least one of the first to say that I called this a couple of years ago when texting first started becoming popular, “There is going to come a time when communication skills [...]