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Listen Up Moms: Trust Your Judgment

Research in education and psychology. Over the last thirty years, research in education and psychology that is focused on struggling children produces one consistent truth—early identification and intervention trumps waiting and acting later. [...]

The Midlife Sage Says: You Don’t Need to Shop ’til You Drop

Using free time. While on a business trip, most women use their free time to exercise in the hotel gym, find the nearest wine bar, or pretend they are comfortable browsing in Saks Fifth Avenue. I usually combine all three by briskly walking [...]

Ever Think Of Your Friends As “LIFE-SAVERS?”

In our busy, frantic world of today, a girl’s night out is now considered following doctor’s orders. Maintaining close ties to your friends can be as important for your health as working out, eating the right diet and balancing career [...]

Think It Is Time To Look For Some New Adventure In Your Life?

Does your life seem to drag you down and you feel a need to change the pace with some real excitement? Sometimes, you just need to quit dreaming and get up to give yourself a new start in this brand new year.  Do you think it will be easy?  [...]

4 Ways To Share Paid Hotspots

There are a number of scenarios you might be in where friends, family and colleagues need to jump on a (read: your) wireless connection, but they’d rather not pay a connection fee. So if you have the goods right in front of you and they can [...]

Resolve To Reach Your New Year’s Resolutions

I enjoy the gym most when it’s quiet, which is why my favorite month to work out is December. The treadmills are not only free; they’re nearly free of fingerprints. Not so in January, when all who’ve pledged to become healthier show up [...]

Post and Beware – Electronic Discovery

I am handling a car accident case caused by a drunk driver in her twenties. She was careless and ran a red light going so fast that she actually caused the SUV that my clients were driving to flip over.  She had been to a bar, had too much [...]

On Zombie Pigs, Aliens & ADHD Boys

There are competing agendas out there within the professional realms that I operate. On one hand there are the parents and the schools trying to get a segment of the population (ADHD boys) to get on track and be connected to the mandated curriculum.  [...]

Help Wanted – Online Professor Jobs In 2013

Step On A Lego This Year, Anyone? Ouch! While we are busy storing away holiday decorations and moving kids toys from the living room to their bedrooms, in the back of our minds we are often thinking, “what do we want to do this year that [...]

My Weekend In Zanzibar

My weekend in Zanzibar. We had always wanted to go to Zanzibar because the name evoked the sound of a mysterious, sexy, exotically inviting island getaway. After being married for a year I began to feel all the pieces of my life come together [...]

It’s Now Or Never!

Have you ever dreamed with excitement about what you would like to happen? Did you let your mind flutter around within those thoughts, exploring the possibilities associated with your dream? Call it a vision or an insight into the future. Or [...]

Self-Improvement: Too Much Of A Good Thing?

Where’s the line? You’re at the gym three times a week; you’ve picked up the latest book on relationships and plan to read it on the weekend; quinoa is now a staple in your breakfast smoothie; and yes, you are attending the financial [...]

Life Is Special, Figure What’s Best About YOU!

Living your best life starts with knowing and believing what’s “best about you.” Seeing the good in yourself can affect every area of your life and all of your relationships.  As you diligently try to sort through your good [...]

The Year Of Silence

When I awake. I woke up this morning, took a deep breath, closed my eyes, said a little prayer before I rose up to do my normal routine.  When I awake, I lay in the bed and go through what needs to be done for the day in my mind.  It’s so [...]

Your 2013 Astrological Overview Forecast

The planets don’t do anything to you. But…we DO live in a cooperation with the Cosmos. When a planet makes a move, you feel it. When You make a move, the planets show it…mirror, mirror on the Cosmic Wall. What’s on the [...]

The Midlife Sage Says: Here’s a Survival Guide in Five Easy Paragraphs

Life experience. Some of you have been around the block enough times to know where to avoid the mud and dog poop or when to stop and smell the roses. Others, however, refuse to try a better path so they continue to trip over the same obstacles. [...]

Are You Ready To Speak Your Truth?

“I’m calm, I’m at ease and ready to speak candidly.” Lance Armstrong Rumors are rife that Lance Armstrong is going to admit to doping in his upcoming interview with Oprah Winfrey. It seems very clear he did some doping [...]

How’s Your Spirit Working For You?

Listen to the beat of your life. Is it slow and deliberate or is it quick and snappy, having a rhythm that reverberates to your very soul and makes you over-the-moon happy? It is so easy to stay in our comfort zone, doing the same things, day [...]

The Midlife Sage Says: Plan Your Own Play Day

Local children get all excited when the schools are closed for a snow day. As an evolving curmudgeon, I snort with scorn because in my day we walked miles through a blizzard for the privilege of going to school so we could postpone our chores [...]

Becoming An Alpha Female

I am great… I am wonderful… I am rich… When will the thought of the “I am’s” disappear?  They won’t!  You desire to be better than the next person, correct?  Uh-huh.  Now that we are off into the year, what [...]

10 Tips Plus Bonus Tip To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

It’s January. That time in the New Year where we feel the itch to renew and change – for the better.  And bless us human beings, we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t find changing hard to do.  Here’s 10 plus tips to making and keeping [...]

The Midlife Sage Says: How to Raise Amazing Children

My son works in law enforcement. His job often requires him to enter homes where good parenting skills aren’t a priority. It’s difficult to prepare a nutritious family meal when the kitchen has been converted into a meth lab and the toddler [...]

Honesty Outweighs Perfection

Now that the holiday season is over and we have entered into a New Year, did you make a resolution? Sure you did.  Let us all be honest.  We say what we are going to do, write them down, stick them somewhere we will see them each day.  Then [...]

10 Parenting Resolutions For The New Year

The more miles I have logged in working with children and their parents the less definitive I find myself. There are few absolutes when dealing with kids and the complexity of variables that are affecting them.  Variables such as the child’s [...]

Start Your New Year With a Day of Being

What is your New Year’s day tradition? Do you sleep half of it away? Clean the house? Watch football? How about  shaking things up? Start a new tradition with a day of being. What is a day of being? It’s a day to feel your feelings, [...]

Twenty-Five Hours In A Day

My son and I were joking about a calendar he told me about. He said on the outside it looked like a normal 2013 calendar but on the inside when you flipped to January it was blank.  Every month was blank. In case you forgot according to the [...]

The Midlife Sage Says: Make Your Own Music In 2013

The songs of the holidays. I grew up listening to The Captain and Tennille singing about “Muskrat Love” and The Carpenters warbling “Sing of good things, not bad. Sing of happy, not sad.” I believe those two songs were solely responsible [...]

Whistling A Tune

What is your favorite song during the Christmas season? Could it be the well known Christmas Song from Nat King Cole or Hark The Harold Angels Sing?  No matter what the song may be, it brings a certain feeling to the Christmas season.  Even [...]

The Midlife Sage Says: Tell Your Story In A December Journal

Put down your peppermint schnapps and find a quiet place so you can write about the past year. Summarize all the fun and fabulous, the rotten and wretched, and the clever and comedic parts of 2012. Then hide your journal, go back to the party, [...]

Boo! So You Want To Become A Ghostwriter?

I sat looking out my office window one blustery, eerie, day. Drifting in thought from desperately going through the avalanche of emails in my in box,  I was clicking delete faster than a raven can fly. Suddenly my finger grinded to a halt just [...]

It Starts With You~It Starts At Home

My generation that grew up in the 70’s knows what it’s like to obey your parents. Some parents would give that look to you which says “If you don’t behave I’m going to knock you into next week.”  Growing up, no one thought it to [...]

What You Need To Know About Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Homeowners policies. Until a disaster strikes, most homeowners are under the mistaken belief that their homeowners policies cover them in case of floods and other weather driven water events.  However, insurance policies for homeowners do not [...]

The Midlife Sage Says: Blended Families Can Survive The Holidays Without A Food Fight

Your family tree. It could be in danger of falling over because the branches are laden with sporadic offshoots, new in-laws, old stepparents, and assorted children who share multiple homes. But because of extra care these roots are strong and [...]

Letting Parents Off the Hook (sort of)!

It’s a two way street for parents. When their kid is a dutiful citizen, smiling in circle time, raising his or her hand, getting the homework handed in on time, the parents swells with pride, thinking something like, “We’ve done a good [...]

Peace On Earth: Peace In Your Home This Holiday Season

Families are not perfect The holiday season seems to underscore this fact: putting adults fuelled by eggnog in close quarters over a stretch of time are the perfect ingredients for bringing out the worst in us.  So how do you bring peace into [...]