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Good Heavens! Churches are Big Targets for Burglars

Is nothing sacred? Well, no. Not even churches. Really, especially churches. The problem with churches, like any public place, is that by design, they are open for anyone to come in and worship at any time. But in the case of a burglary, they [...]

Standard Door Frames Make Burglary Easy

Stop what you are doing. Walk over to your front or back door. Open it. Look down at the doorjamb where the holes are—you know, where your doorknob and deadbolt locks (hopefully they are Schlage) go into the frame. Those 3/4-inch-ish holes [...]

Cellular Base Station Range Extenders Vulnerable to Attack

Low-powered cellular base stations are often found in residential homes and small businesses where mobile coverage is scant. The device, which also known as a femtocell, connects to DSL or cable connections and extends cellular coverage to a [...]

Top 5 Home Security System Scams

When a home security salesman comes a-knockin’, beware, pay attention and know what you are getting into. He might not be who he says he is, or he might have tactics under his belt that will cost you big time. WZZM reports, “For a couple [...]

Mirror Mirror Online, Who Is the Most Dangerous Celebrity of Them All?

We all do it. We probably all just don’t admit it. Well I admit it—I’ve searched for that elusive picture of Kimye’s baby North (who I thought would be called Kadence, but I’m not in the know, which is why I’m on the search engines [...]

Danger: Wireless Toilets Next On Hackers’ List

Just about anything wireless is hackable today. Everything—from PCs to mobiles to tablets to home automation devices to pacemakers to insulin dispensers and even cars—are hackable. And now “smart” toilets. CNET reports, “[Smart] toilets [...]

10 Holiday Security Tips

Christmas trees, mistletoe, candy canes, turkey and stuffing bring out scammers, phishers, burglars and identity thieves. I’m not purposefully trying to be a Grinch here, but I’m just reminding you that good times, unfortunately, bring out [...]

What Is Business/Commercial Identity Theft?

Business or commercial identity theft happens when thieves use an existing business’ name to get credit, or they may bill a business’ clients for products and services. Sometimes the Social Security number of a company’s officer or another [...]

Podcast: Credit Card Debt Busters!

Listen Here: Howard Dvorkin is a CPA and the founder of Consolidated Credit, Howard knows a thing or two about why people get into debt trouble as well as the secrets to getting out of debt and staying that way. Howard has been featured in [...]

Does Identity Theft Protection Really Work?

Do identity protection services really work? How effective are their scanning/monitoring methods? Can they truly protect consumers? The answers may vary. Identity theft protection is designed to protect you from new lines of credit being opened [...]

What Should I Know About Mobile Cybercrime?

The internet has dissolved the geographical boundaries and technological limitations that have constrained organized crime in the past. We now live with crime syndicates based in Russia, espionage sponsored by Asian nation-states, and botnets [...]

Buyer Beware: Is It A Distrustful Or Distasteful App?

Malicious applications. Categorized as viruses, they are generally developed by criminals with the intention of gathering personal information to commit some form of identity theft. Currently, there are upwards of approximately 40,000 malicious [...]

Stop, Think And Connect On Public Wi-Fi

OnGuardOnline.gov, co-managed by the Federal Trade Commission, is the federal government’s website to help you be safe, secure and responsible online. OnGuardOnline.gov is a partner in the Stop Think Connect campaign, led by the Department [...]

13 Digital Security Tips For 2013

The best thing about the “New Year” is committing to new or old resolutions and starting fresh. Whether you are an individual or a small business, the following applies: Delete. Go through your files, deleting and organizing as necessary. [...]