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5 Lessons We Can Learn From Erica Lafferty

A year ago most of us had never heard of Erica Lafferty. Safe to say no one outside of her circle of family and friends in Newtown, Connecticut had heard of her. Even six months ago we had never heard of Erica or Newtown. Why is she important [...]

Is Gun Control An Answer?

Will gun control be the answer to our societal problems? Here is one voice checking in on the issue. I don’t think that choice will, in and of itself, solve the problem.  Just as the “war on drugs” won’t solve the problems of drug addiction, [...]

Leadership, Heroism & Selflessness

2012 marked the passing of some incredible leaders. A few, like US Army General Norman Schwarzkopf, were public figures.  Others, like teacher Victoria Soto or Elementary School Principal Dawn Hochsprung and their Newtown, Connecticut colleagues, [...]

The Video Game Dilemma

Video games and isolation. As the families and nation begin the long mourning process of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, we learn more about the killer…I write this in no way to glorify that person, but to educate people as [...]

Sandy Hook Massacre, Another Demand for Social Change!

A senseless tragedy. Nothing is more sad, horrific, senseless and devestating as what happed on Decemebr 14th at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. What in the world causes a 20 year old man to go on a rampage where 20 children [...]