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Oracle Of The Soul: Discovering Gems Of Understanding

As you grew up, you experienced different lessons along your life-path. You discovered a hot stove hurt when you touched it. A candle flame caused pain when you passed your finger over it. A rosebush thorn made your finger bleed. A bee sting [...]

Podcast: The 7 Life Miracles

Listen Here: Julie Wilkes overcame a congenital heart condition that gave her a short life expectancy.  While she was conquering her terminal heart condition, she developed 7 areas of life awareness. These 7 areas are called, The 7 Life Miracles, [...]

Podcast: The DNA Of Success

Listen Here: Jack Zufelt is the author of the bestselling book, The DNA of Success: Know What You Want to Get What You Want which has been translated into 15 languages. Discover how to access your ability to achieve success by learning how [...]

Be S.M.A.R.T. About Your Goals

Cathy, my wife, had big time back surgery on February 28. She had a laminectomy, a fusion of two disks, a stabilizing cage attached to her lower pelvis and 8 screws to hold the whole thing together. She was advised by her doc that it takes six [...]

Some Times We Only Need Patient Witnessing

Sometimes, being patiently witnessed will heal our wounds. Sometimes, being quietly embraced will solve our difficulties. Being loved instead of labeled with a psychological diagnosis can be the quickest kind of therapy. What an honor it was [...]

Age Is Just A Number

My blog post, “Insurmountable”, listed all the barriers we face in pursuit of our dreams. For me, age is the most visible as I am coming up on the half century mark. As the decades have passed, the list of things I believed I was no longer [...]

Re-focusing Life’s Lens

My camera lens was set. The target I was after to capture was our daughter participating in her 4th grade Christmas program. Excitement was welling up inside of me as I was anxious to get a good picture of her performance. As the kids entered [...]

Life is Magic – Manifesting Easy

Life is magic. This month we are in the luck of the Irish, the Easter Bunny, and Mercury has just gone direct. Why not today, visualize your pot of gold and what the end of your rainbow would look like. Manifesting is illusion and what better [...]


I watched an interview the other day and a woman said her problems were insurmountable. This struck me in two ways. First, who in this day and age says insurmountable? We may say impossible, unbeatable, no way, or can’t do it, but insurmountable? [...]

Stay Focused On Your Goals

Henry Ford once said, “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” Good one, Henry. I have a great story about this.  It involves a trash can and a hair dryer cord. In our bathroom at home, the trash [...]

Obstacles Are Opportunities

Oops, you stumble and fall. Someone else gets the promotion you craved. The person you love walks away. You are told a woman can’t be a welder. These obstacles, no matter how painful, have a lesson for you. Each scenario, whatever it may [...]