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A Financial Secret, Or The Rule Of 59

The first day of class It is Monday, the first day of school and the eighth grade sociology teacher walks into class and puts his name on the blackboard and next to it the number 59 with a circle around it. He then proceeds to tell his class [...]
The Gospel of LeBron

The Gospel of LeBron

Ok let’s get something straight. I do not personally know LeBron James, but I live in Northeastern Ohio and have had the pleasure of watching one of the greatest basketball players on the planet. I followed his stellar high school career [...]

Why Breakfast Could Be Your Most Important Meal

The secret to fixing financial flaws may be sitting right next to you For the past 30+ years I have been involved with helping people establish positive financial habits. I discovered that there was one constant that could make a huge impact [...]

How To Have An Amazing Christmas!

There is no question that consumerism has made a significant part of Christmas all about shopping and that is ok, but how memorable have your holidays really been? Would you like to change all of that with a meaningful shift? If so, read on [...]

Eliminating Limiting Beliefs Can Change Your Life

Eliminating limiting beliefs can change your life. In my book, If Your Money Talked… What Secrets Would It Tell?, I wrote a chapter dedicated to the topic of limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are negative thoughts planted in our subconscious [...]

How Much Money Do You Need To Save To Quit Your Job?

How much money do you need to save to quit your job? That question was posed to me recently and I explained that there are multiple answers to this question. The most important answer is: do you have another job lined up when you walk out the [...]

Wealth Comes In Many Shapes And Sizes!

Last week a coach, mentor and friend passed away. At his funeral his granddaughter delivered a eulogy about her grandfather Nick Pallotta. She cited the Wikipedia definition of wealth and it contained the definition that you would expect. It [...]

The Magic Number

A friend of mine, Stefan Wissenbach, asked me what my Magic Number™ was. I thought about it and answered, 27. No, he said, not your favorite number but your Magic Number™. I guess my blank stare must have sent the message that I had no clue [...]

How A Peppermint Patty Changed My Life

This post could also be titled “Why you should answer the door when some little kid rings your doorbell.” Okay, so maybe the peppermint patty did not actually change me, but it sure had a huge impact on my life. It all started when [...]

Eight Financial Secrets That Could Change Your Life In 2013

Eight Financial Secrets that Could Change Your Life in 2013 It takes 21 days to form a new habit–and a whole lot of discipline! With that in mind I offer a few financial secrets that really work and are worth forming new habits around. First [...]

The Tip Jar

I am a coffee shop kind of guy. I like the aroma of fresh ground coffee, the music, the atmosphere, the people-watching and, I almost forgot, the coffee. My favorite drink is a mocha and I sample them whenever and wherever I travel. While on [...]

A Solution to the After-Xmas Spending Blues!

Facing Fiscal Reality OK, I roll back my timeline to when I turned 21 and attended my first legal-to-drink New Year’s Eve party. Actually I don’t really remember the party but I do remember waking up the next day and swearing to never [...]

Angels On The Streets

During the Great Depression a Christmas mystery occurred in my hometown of Canton, Ohio. A local business man, using the name of B.Virdot, placed a tiny advertisement in The Canton Repository offering those in need an opportunity for financial [...]

What I Learned Waiting Tables

Just last week I had a discussion with the parent of a recent college graduate The conversation quickly turned to the topic of his son not being able to find a job. He lives in Washington, DC, has a degree in communications and had yet to find [...]