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Would You Use Facebook To Catch A Bad Guy?

In Oklahoma, the OK state, an elderly couple was home invaded and held at knifepoint, and the woman was knocked to the ground. During the ensuing abuse, their home was robbed and the predator got away. Not OK. The police were notified and a [...]

7 Scary Privacy Issues To Be Aware Of

We are all too aware of the National Security Agency breaking encryption. The NSA has frequently been known to be implanting back doors on various servers, networks and within numerous social sites, email providers, mobile networks, mobile [...]

Hackproof Your Facebook Account

With over one billion people connected to Facebook, we have to assume that many of them are criminals. (Criminals are people with friends too!) But the criminals we need to be concerned about are the ones who create all kinds of scams designed [...]

It’s Time To Tell Yourself A Different Story

One of the hardest things to do when faced with a new reality, challenge, or speed bump is to shift the outlook from others to ourselves. And almost inevitably, the story we’ve been living all along emerges right in our faces. The story [...]

Beware of Facebook Phishes

I got an email from a colleague: Subject: “My Facebook account got hacked.” I wonder if you could give me some guidance here – I received the following email from Facebook: ——————————————————————– From: [...]

Should Teachers Be Friending Kids?

Friend ban Teachers in numerous Massachusetts cities and towns are not allowed to “friend’’ students on Facebook or other social networking sites, and a number of other school districts south of Boston are considering a similar ban. For [...]