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Help Wanted – Online Professor Jobs In 2013

Step On A Lego This Year, Anyone? Ouch! While we are busy storing away holiday decorations and moving kids toys from the living room to their bedrooms, in the back of our minds we are often thinking, “what do we want to do this year that [...]

Don’t Be A Ghost …In Your Online Classroom!

If you are teaching online, you are most likely subjected to rigorous rules about posting and daily login requirements. However, meeting the minimum is not usually sufficient if you want to engage your learners and help them thoroughly understand [...]

Online Schools: A Safe Alternative to Brick-and-Mortar Universities?

Online education We cannot turn on the news today without hearing something about an industry that went relatively unnoticed just a few years ago – online education. Online education, and specifically the for-profit education sector, has become [...]

The Future of Education

Will MOOCs will replace “traditional” online universities? This blog entry is based off of a relatively heated Yahoo Forum discussion about what adjuncts and the for-profit education sector can expect as a result of the Massive [...]