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Podcast: Autism Movement Therapy: Waking Up The Brain!

Listen Here: Joanne Lara is the founder Autism Movement Therapy  and author of the upcoming book, Autism Movement Therapy Method: Waking up the Brain! (Summer 2015). Joanne is the producer of the new documentary, Generation A: Portraits [...]

Podcast: Effective Communication For Autism Families

Listen Here: Martha Gabler is the author of the upcoming book, Chaos to Calm:  Discovering Solutions to the Everyday Problems of Living with Autism In this podcast, Martha discusses an effective communication method that families living [...]

You Can Lower The Risk Of Autism!

One in 88 children in the United States is born Autistic.* Why?  What is causing this epidemic among America’s children?  Scientists still cannot explain it, and the rise has been quite evident over the past decade.  As a therapist, [...]

Heart, Beauty And True Confidence: The Blame Game

Passing the buck. Sometimes we allow others to make us feel completely responsible for the problems in our businesses, friendships, or personal life affairs. The burden of guilt envelops us robbing us of the stamina we need to continue on. Then [...]