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Calling All Angels

Podcast: Calling All Angels

Listen Here: Best-selling author, Mary Garner, who joins us from Washington D.C. to discuss the  new edition of her book, Calling All Angels.  Calling All Angels What is the premise of Calling All Angels and what inspired you to write [...]
Podcast: Flight 93, A Field of Angels

Podcast: Flight 93, A Field of Angels

Listen Here: Former law enforcement professional, Lillie Leonardi, was a responder to the Flight 93 crash site in Shanksville PA on 9/11. Lillie has always lived with her feet planted in two separate worlds—the metaphysical and the physical. [...]


“I saw her. I talked to her. I put antifreeze in her car, for Heaven’s sake!” It may have indeed been for “Heaven’s sake,”that unexplainable day my pastor experienced. Pastor B., as we call him, is one of the most down [...]

Calling All Angels! (Yes, that means you.)

When was the last time you saw one?  An angel, that is? “You can sometimes see the angels.  Those you can see, hear, touch, learn from, and grow with, are called Earth Angels.  They are the Love of God, embodied.  Those you cannot see [...]